what we do

As a full-service design firm, we help you define the scope, style, and character of your remodel or new build. We work with the architect from the beginning of the programming phase, through final approval of construction documents and specifications, to ensure your space has been interpreted and translated to your sensibilities. We work along side the general contractor throughout the building process functioning as an on site advocate for our design. We focus on enhancing the architecture of a space without compromising a high level of sophistication and comfort that reflects your unique sensibility and lifestyle.



Our aim is to help our clients navigate the design and build process of the project from its inception. Whether it’s a remodel, or new build, we listen to your needs for the project during the planning stage to ensure all visions of your home are realized. Our firm works closely with each architect and client providing renderings of architectural details, interior elevations, and furniture floor plans prior to the permitting phase. This allows our clients to visualize their space and fall in love with the design. It also allows us to pin point anything that requires editing prior to the build phase, and anticipate challenges early so that construction is not delayed and additional costs do not arise.



We like to get our hands dirty, often on site weekly to meet with subs and contractors to advocate for our project vision through all phases of construction. We work closely with subcontractors to help interpret design drawings and ensure custom bespoke design pieces are brought to life accurately. Creating custom details, from custom tile patterns, chandeliers, and vanities, to procuring antique architectural elements from around the globe. Consistently being on site allows us to problem solve as the project progresses in order to provide guidance and clarification to help contractors and vendors to their best work.



Every home we design has a unique style and vibe because every client is unique, that’s why no two of our projects are the same. We are constantly inspired by our clients vision for their home and what it represents to them personally while introducing elements that take a space from catalogs to custom. By listening to how you want your space to function and feel, we are able to interpret the aesthetic that you are the most comfortable in. We select furnishings and decor that fit your life, and help quiet the noise of endless options and decisions. As well as sourcing from fine retailers, our company often builds custom furniture, rugs, and case-goods and sources vintage and antique pieces from around the world, creating a one of a kind beautiful home.